Productive research at the Center: altogether 216 original papers and 6 other publications were published in scientific journals. Some highlights of the publications – reflecting the multiplicity of research – are summarized in this annual report.

Three graduate students within the Genetics Research Program defended their doctoral thesis at the University of Helsinki, and six Master’s degrees were completed.

Under 2018 the focus was to enhance visibility of the Center in society, and the use of social media – such as Facebook and Twitter – was initiated.

Close research collaboration with the University of Helsinki– which has started already 1996 – continues with the following groups affiliated to the Center and to the new Research Programs of the Medical Faculty for 2019–2024: Prof. Per-Henrik Groop, Prof. Outi Mäkitie and Docent Tiinamaija Tuomi: Clinical and Molecular  Metabolism (CAMM) Research Program; and Prof. Juha Kere and Docent Jukka Kallijärvi: Stem Cells and Metabolism (STEMM) Research Program.
Prof. Hannes Lohi and Prof. Anna-Elina Lehesjoki act as HiLife Fellows at the Helsinki Institute of Life Science for 2017–2020.

The economy of the Center remained on a stable level. The groups continued to be successful in receiving external competitive funding for their research. The total funding in 2018 was 10,4 million: 56 % was external funding, 35 % came from the Folkhälsan Research Foundation and 9 % from the Samfundet Folkhälsan funds.



Marco Savarese received the Best Poster Award in the XXIth World Muscle Society Congress, Mendoza, Argentina Oct 2–6, 2018


Johan Eriksson acted as a Visiting Professor at the National University of Singapore,
01.01.-31.03.2018 and 01.09.-30.11.2018

Hannes Lohi became a Management Committee Member of FAANG (Functional Annotation of Animal Genomes) COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology) activity 2018

Anna-Elina Lehesjoki was appointed as Professor in Medical Genetics (part-time, 35% position) at the University of Helsinki

Lena Thorn, Aila Ahola and Niina Sandholm received the Title of Docent at the University of Helsinki

Marco Savarese received the National Scientific Qualification to function as an Associate Professor in Italian Universities (validity 2018-2024)

Mridul Johari was elected as a student representative to the board of Doctoral Program of Integrative Life Sciences (2018-2019)