The Finnish Health in Teens study – Fin-HIT — is a cohort study including approximately 11,000 Finnish adolescents in the age 9-12 years.

A cohort profile article was published in the International Journal of Epidemiology, which describes the prevalence of underweight (11%), overweight (12.6%) and obesity (2.6%) in Finnish children at the age of 11 years (n=10664), and repeatedly at the age of 14 years (n=5451). The classification is based on the International Obesity Task Force age- and gender-specific cut-off values for body mass index. The prevalence of overweight and obesity were maintained during the follow-up, while the proportion of underweight children decreased to 7.6%. The article states background factors, methods used in the cohort, ongoing topics and serves as a key paper for future studies.

Original Article

Figueiredo RAO, Simola-Ström S, Rounge TB, Viljakainen H, Eriksson JG, Roos E,Weiderpass E. Cohort Profile: The Finnish Health in Teens (Fin-HIT) study: a population-based study. Int J Epidemiol 2018 Sep 12 (doi: 10.1093/ije/dyy189) [Epub ahead of print]