The research within the group has been focusing on aging from a life-course perspective. Several papers have been published around this theme and in relation to frailty.

One study that gained a lot of interest focused on work-loss years among people diagnosed with diabetes. We were able to show that among individuals followed up throughout their work career, those with a diabetes diagnosis exited the workforce approximately two years later compared to those without diabetes. This finding was contrary to previous research findings, but no previous study has been able to follow up a cohort over the whole work-career.

Original Article

von Bonsdorff MB, von Bonsdorff ME, Haanpää M, Salonen M, Mikkola TM, Kautiainen H, Eriksson JG. Work-loss years among people diagnosed with diabetes: a reappraisal from a life course perspective. Acta Diabetol 55(5): 485-491, 2018
(doi: 10.1007/s00592-018-1119-x)