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Facts about the Center

The Folkhälsan Research Center is organized in two Research Programs:
The Genetics Research Program (The Folkhälsan Institute of Genetics; Director Anna-Elina Lehesjoki) operates in the Folkhälsan owned premises in Biomedicum Helsinki on the Meilahti campus of the University of Helsinki.
The Public Health Research Program (Director Johan Eriksson) mainly operates in the Folkhälsan Health Promotion Unit, also located in the Meilahti area.
The number of scientists and other personnel affiliated with the Center is approximately 200.

Group Fellman, Kallijärvi

Experimental gene therapy tripled the lifespan of mice suffering from a severe mitochondrial disease

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Group Groop – the FinnDiane study

Diabetic kidney disease is a devastating disease affecting one third of the individuals with diabetes

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Group Viljakainen – Fin-HIT project

The Finnish Health in Teens study – Fin-HIT — is a cohort study including approximately 11,000 Finnish adolescents in the age 9-12 years

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Group Wessman

In the largest-ever family study of migraine we observed that an accumulation of many independent genetic risk variants is the reason why migraine tends to run in families

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Group Eriksson

The research within the group has been focusing on aging from a life-course perspective. Several papers have been published around this theme and in relation to frailty

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Group Roos

To meet the challenges of the rising prevalence of chronic diseases, such as type 2 diabetes, new approaches to healthcare delivery in primary healthcare are needed

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